Everyone wants more control, the more control you have, the better you perform, and you can find it in AmeTrade™ Material Handling. Similarly good material handling systems give you control on productivity. Distribution, manufacturing, and warehousing are the areas where material handling plays a major role.

Infact material handling systems power today's efficient distribution and manufacturing facilities. It is the secret weapon in logistics operations for improving system productivity, enhancing customer service and speeding up throughputs. By gaining control of your warehouse, you gain control of your profitability. Effective material handling systems create savings and safety that helps directly to improve your bottom line. If your business relies heavily on manufacturing, warehousing, storage or distribution, the potential savings are perhaps your greatest opportunity. If your suffer from damaged products, slow pick rates, a lack of space, disorganization, or bottlenecks, don't think throwing more people at it will solve the problem— that's short term help at best, and you'll be stuck with ongoing costs which you cannot eliminate.

In the mechanized version the variety of equipment are used for the specific application. AmeTrade™ offers a range covers common types like: wheeled trolleys, forklift trucks, conveyors, cranes, lift tables, vacumm lifter, transpallets, pallet stackers, drum carriers, rolls & rells manipulators, pallet rotators or investers, towlines, carousal, etc. The more sophisticated systems such as robotics, automatic storage & retrieval and automatic guided vehicles systems are used in semi or fully automatic warehouses for speedy material movement.

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